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#Truffle season keeps going very well, with good quality and great amount of truffles too … Here goes a dish for all those asking for a simple truffle treat. Price hasn’t moved that much this year 2500GBP/KG, how many you want??

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Reading Labels on food

We are certainly well surprised of food practices across the food industry. The olive oil labelling is subject to some EU Directives in order to make sure customers understand better what they are eating, but I have to say, all these cheap olive oils are cheap for a reason and to those of you using some of them, pls read the label next time you buy as you might be eating something you don’t think it is.

Some of the statements are shocking like: Blend of EU and non EU oils, meaning: I have added whatever oils I can to make this oil cheap, I hope you keep not reading the labels so I can keep selling this crap as gold, thank you.

For Teruel Foods, Extra Virgin olive oil is the juice of olives, simple and clear.