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What do you prefer? Sweet or Punchy?

The world’s largest producer of olive oil is Spain, followed by Italy. The biggest oil reserves in the world are located in Andalusia (Olive Oil, of course!). The autochthonous varieties in those areas tend to get harvested early and are often marketed as ‘early harvest’. The difference between early harvested oils and late harvest oils is that the former tends to have a stronger taste than the late harvest ones.

Most available oils on the market have this strong taste. Our oil however comes from late harvested olives, so mild that some people think it is seed oil. One of the best things about it is that you can use it instead of butter for baking!

At Teruel Foods, we prefer an olive oil that doesn’t mask any other flavour from the other ingredients. If that’s what you like, that’s what you’ll get from us.

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Why our #oil is sweeter and nicer than competition ??

Olive oil is a juice of olives. If you harvest them when they are not fully ripened the taste is rough and strong, which might suit some customers. But if you pick them fully ripened and you create a juice with them, you get a sweeter and smoother juice. Think of tomatoes, would you squeeze green tomatoes to have a nice oil taste or you’d prefer perfectly ripened ones?
General available oils come from Andalusia or Italy. In both of them they prefer strong tastes masquerading flavours. In Teruel, we don’t. We like tasting real flavours. Do you want to follow us?

The picture show an example of our raw materials. Enjoy them, share them, love them !!!

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Big thank you from us

Hi all,
we are very thankful for your support and we’d like to increase our online community and friends.

Teruel Foods is going to give away three truffle shavers between the people who share and comment this picture between 1st Nov and 15th Nov 23:59 GMT.

How to win one of the three truffle shavers:
1) Become a fan of out Facebook page
2) share the pic among your friends
3) Write a comment about the picture (If you don’t show up, we can’t send you the prize)

4) Spread the Teruel Foods passion and love around between your friends and loved ones

Enjoy it !!!

Results will come up around noon on the 16th. Stay tuned !!!

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New shop and try me coupon

Hello everyone !
The new website and shop are #ready to delight our friends and customers.

Try one of our #pouches for £4 in the UK with the #coupon “tryme” and includes home next day delivery.

If you want to #know more about our coupons pls mail:

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My dear colleague Bruno will call it: #Antitumorale My parents produced it from our own #harvest last summer and those #tomatoes are sweet as candy and have no #preservative They are delicious. Maybe a new #TeruelFoods #Product ?? who knows !!

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Another #truffle #dream today. We are not forgetting #TeruelFoods #EVOO … stay tuned !!! #Melanosporum is our best topic mow while season last. The fragance of the late harvested ones makes the produce a #delicacy to be remembered and #wished

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Our Motto: Love Food, Live well: Teruel way of life
Our Operations: Mediterranean luxury food delivered to exclusive restaurants and selected supermarkets
Our Location: LDN based & MED Sourced 
Our Intentions: Keep it simple !!!!

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Reading Labels on food

We are certainly well surprised of food practices across the food industry. The olive oil labelling is subject to some EU Directives in order to make sure customers understand better what they are eating, but I have to say, all these cheap olive oils are cheap for a reason and to those of you using some of them, pls read the label next time you buy as you might be eating something you don’t think it is.

Some of the statements are shocking like: Blend of EU and non EU oils, meaning: I have added whatever oils I can to make this oil cheap, I hope you keep not reading the labels so I can keep selling this crap as gold, thank you.

For Teruel Foods, Extra Virgin olive oil is the juice of olives, simple and clear.