Olive Oil FAQ

Teruel Foods loves simple things: To produce olive oil you just have to crush olives. If you remove the stones and the natural water from the olives in a setting below 27 C, you should end up with a great olive oil. That’s it.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The indication of “Extra Virgin” is a legal term created to label olive oil products based on their chemical characteristics. The difference between the olive oil categories i.e. Extra Virgin, Virgin etc. is determined by a European legislation: Council Regulation EC 1234/2007 Annex XVI. The legislator’s objective is to distinguish the good from the average based on the natural chemicals in the oil. This leaves the process open to a lot of tricks. For example, you can blend different categories of oils and provided you can keep certain chemicals at a minimum level, it can be rated on the highest category of the oils blended. That’s right – it’s legal and permitted to blend different quality olive oils and if the mix still has a certain level of chemicals then you can label the product as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  When you buy cheap oils from big brands you only have a hint of what you are actually purchasing. The more you buy these, the more incentives those companies have to continue with these methods.

What is ‘Early Harvest’ Olive Oil? Is it better?

Olives, like any other fruit, have different tastes depending when they are picked from the tree. When olives are harvested early, there is less oil in them, the taste is stronger (not necessarily more pleasant) and the juice will have a strong green colour. If you crush early harvested olives, you need more olives to produce the same amount of oil which makes it more expensive. The term is known as oil yield. If you really appreciate the different taste created for the premium cost, please go for it; otherwise, don’t waste your money as any early harvested oil is not better quality.

Why is Olive Oil normally sold in big glass bottles?

We believe big brands try to make customers consume more using marketing techniques. In the olive oil market they want customers to buy different oils for different uses: dressing, frying etc. In our view this is not ideal. Oil oxidizes relatively quickly creating a rancid taste and smell. The more oil you store open, the worse it’ll preserve. We recommend only buying the amount you are going to use during roughly 1 month and that’s why we sell our olive oil in 250ml pouches. If you want to buy more oil in advance, we also offer 1.5l in a 6 pouched pack; which is perfect for storing in a cool, dark place.

What are the benefits of consuming Olive Oil as part of your diet?

According to medical research you will reap the benefits of olive oil if you replace the consumption of other fats with the natural antioxidants of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). That is why you usually find it at the top of the Mediterranean diet pyramid. It is important to keep a balanced diet with vegetables, cereals, fish and meat to improve your health and practice a bit of moderate exercise every day.

Is Teruel Olive Oil organic?

There is only one thing that can damage olives whilst in the tree; an insect called the olive fly. The animal perforates olives creating a hole from side to side where the air circulates and oxidizes the olives. To prevent it, in the producing region, the officials of the regional government decide which days of the year a specific insecticide can be used. Farms are subject to random inspections and the only insecticide available is the one the government states. This is called Integrated Production and it is just one step below from Organic Production. Our oil is not organic, but we think it adds no value for customers to pay for the extra controls and certifications required to name it officially Ecologic once you have this quality available. In case you think the extra step is important we will appreciate if you contact us on: welisten2customers@teruelfoods.com

Teruel Foods wants you to feel all that love and passion in every drop when you eat or share our products with family and friends. The average age of the farmers is above 45. These hands are wise, but we need more young people to follow them. So, please accept a big thank you every time you enjoy our products. We really want you to hear that internal voice saying THANKS. You are really making a difference to the producing region and we really want to deliver the best from them to you.