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20 kg of #truffles sold this week. mainly Tuber #Uncinatum

Good mng dear followers ! ? here goes some pictures of what has been sold so far this week of Tuber Uncinatum. Customers tend to only think of Tuber Magnatum as “THE” truffle, and don’t get me wrong, it’s the king of truffles. But Uncinatum at this time is also delicious and full of fragance and much cheaper. £500/Kg

We have sold white truffles @ £4000/Kg this week.

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Here it goes the Queen of all truffles. Tuber Magnatum Pico. It’s also known as Tartufi Bianco di Alba, mainly because it was the place where people start finding and using them. Now you can find some as well in Istria, but this is all about marketing, a truffle from Italy will look better than another one from Yugoslavia, even if they were the same. Taking apart all these discussions about nationalities and if it’s right or wrong, let me explain what makes it different:

it’s white truffle on the outside, the nerves on the inside are brown but a very light brown. If a truffle is not ripened, it won’t have those nerves and pretty likely it won’t have any smell. The aroma is very very strong. A fresh one in a sealed jar in the fridge will make the whole fridge smelling deeply of truffle. If you like it, you’ll be in love, but if not … buff!! run away. The smell some people compare it with gas and sometimes, the first time you smell a truffle you’ll feel something is wrong with it, but no. If the smell is very acid, be careful, pretty likely this truffle has gone bad and it could have a massive worm inside !!!

Any questions !!!

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Here is an example of what some people think a truffle is. 

Sorry to disappoint you guys … this is just a piece of chocolate !!!

There is a strong difference between Truffles and chocolate:

  1. A piece of chocolate is something you taste but will have almost no aroma … let’s say, as an experience, you can get roughly 90% of the taste and 10% smell as soon as you get it to your mouth.
  2. A truffle is completely the opposite. When you try it, you should enjoy the fragrance as it can represent 85% of the experience and the taste of truffles will be more like a subtle nutty taste with the 15% remaining.

Is that clear guys !!!