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Truffle season update !!! IMPORTANT READ

It started with a lot of inquiry from customers (restaurants and wealthy private) and also with silly prices. It’s not the best season in terms of quality and on the other hand it’s one of the most expensive ones, sorry, it doesn’t help anyone. The fact the Euro currency remains very strong despite all the volatility in the financial markets is not helping to push the price down at all. And I think that was the only way to push prices somehow down, but just forget it.
Regarding the white truffle, the sizes have been amazing so far and that will continue until we finish. On the Uncinatum, the size until this week has been small and with such a price not really appealing to people.
At the moment we are on the very best of the season for both, so don’t expect quality or price to get better, not even a pinch. What you have seen is what you can get in the best case. 
Melanosporum (black winter truffle) season to start in 3 weeks and no, the season won’t be the best either. In general blame the weather and climate change. I already have a 20 kg order for the first week it’s available, so again … this product it’s more about supply than demand … So why I try to keep my customers happy? Don’t know, just call it passion, Teruel lovers attitude or Teruel way of life !!!

Talking numbers : Magnatum sells this week for £4.500 Kg and Uncinatum £750 Kg. On Magnatum I just sell pieces over 20 grams, for smaller pieces expect lower prices.