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In the town of Alba in Piedmont they sell chocolate and call them truffles as well. They may find it funny, but I don’t see why none realize that this is a fake name. Those are chocolate balls, not truffles, sorry. You can see they want to pretend 3 different kind of truffles … This is not something we like at Teruel Foods at all.

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Here is an example of what some people think a truffle is. 

Sorry to disappoint you guys … this is just a piece of chocolate !!!

There is a strong difference between Truffles and chocolate:

  1. A piece of chocolate is something you taste but will have almost no aroma … let’s say, as an experience, you can get roughly 90% of the taste and 10% smell as soon as you get it to your mouth.
  2. A truffle is completely the opposite. When you try it, you should enjoy the fragrance as it can represent 85% of the experience and the taste of truffles will be more like a subtle nutty taste with the 15% remaining.

Is that clear guys !!!