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New shop and try me coupon

Hello everyone !
The new website and shop are #ready to delight our friends and customers.

Try one of our #pouches for £4 in the UK with the #coupon “tryme” and includes home next day delivery.

If you want to #know more about our coupons pls mail:

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Another #truffle #dream today. We are not forgetting #TeruelFoods #EVOO … stay tuned !!! #Melanosporum is our best topic mow while season last. The fragance of the late harvested ones makes the produce a #delicacy to be remembered and #wished

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This is the header image from our website and tries to explain the value we want. this company is about the people. A lot of people could sell the products we sell, we are not superheroes. But the fact that we are doing it and how we do it is what makes a difference.

You can see some of my family members in the pictures working with their hands in the countryside. That’s tradition and that’s what we are looking for: keep the good values alive.

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Our first post and we are already excited !!

They say there is always a first time for everything, even for smiling and here we go, we have just joined Tumblr to post in an ongoing basis what we are working on.

When you come from the middle of nowhere the world becomes a big place. At the beginning you just think everything outside the shell is as fantastic and what is surrounding you, it’s normal everywhere. Then you learn people do things in different ways. After that, you sometimes see things are fashionable for a short period of time only, but you wonder why certain actions/attitude to live are not always fashionable and the ones we should all do.

Teruel is the province in Spain where this story started. We have passion for the things we do, Teruel Foods wants the world to be a bit more like those things that should always be right to do: Teruel way of life is sustainable with the communities, it’s about having a healthy attitude to live not only in food, but to make life a bit better for everyone. Teruel Foods is about anything environmentally friendly that helps people living, not an ECO label meaning nothing really. 

We are specialized in all the products from the area, but it’s the search of quality what we want in the end for our customers, the loyalty and trust between each other has to come together.

As a major dealer of truffles to mainly UK restaurants you’ll read about fresh truffles many times. Hopefully, our special Extra Virgin Olive oil will be available in supermarkets shortly. But the story will eventually grow with other products and countries and as they say here, all the rest will be history.

We want to share all these with you @ Teruelfoods and we’d like to share what’s our view. 

Thank you.

Jorge Sancho – Owner