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Why our #oil is sweeter and nicer than competition ??

Olive oil is a juice of olives. If you harvest them when they are not fully ripened the taste is rough and strong, which might suit some customers. But if you pick them fully ripened and you create a juice with them, you get a sweeter and smoother juice. Think of tomatoes, would you squeeze green tomatoes to have a nice oil taste or you’d prefer perfectly ripened ones?
General available oils come from Andalusia or Italy. In both of them they prefer strong tastes masquerading flavours. In Teruel, we don’t. We like tasting real flavours. Do you want to follow us?

The picture show an example of our raw materials. Enjoy them, share them, love them !!!

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Big thank you from us

Hi all,
we are very thankful for your support and we’d like to increase our online community and friends.

Teruel Foods is going to give away three truffle shavers between the people who share and comment this picture between 1st Nov and 15th Nov 23:59 GMT.

How to win one of the three truffle shavers:
1) Become a fan of out Facebook page
2) share the pic among your friends
3) Write a comment about the picture (If you don’t show up, we can’t send you the prize)

4) Spread the Teruel Foods passion and love around between your friends and loved ones

Enjoy it !!!

Results will come up around noon on the 16th. Stay tuned !!!

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#Ideas for #lunch? #Teruel Foods special salad: Jabugo, Rosa Tomatoes, salad leaves, grilled mushrooms, a hint of red wine vinegar and loads of Teruel Foods olive oil!!

Sorry the available yet to the general public but keep chasing the supermarkets, so you’ll get it shortly !!!

Easy, simple, healthy, tasty, friendly with nature … what else do you want??

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Beef bacon truffled lasagna. If you want the #recipe, drop us a line. It was a tasty one. The bechamel on top was also truffled and the meat mix was cooked with some pork foie … Probably not very healthy, but I’m sure you are you are already salivating !!!

Not a difficult recipe either. Let’s say 55% Teruel way of life only !!!

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More Fungus so we can all enjoy the season. These come from France, not sure if you can find them in Teruel. I promise they taste heavenly !! Again, simple, easy, healthy, enviromentally friendly and why not, a romantic way to share your cooking skills with your other half!!

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There is a small town close to Sarrion in #Teruel called Albentosa. You may probably won’t find this town in those old road maps we all used to have at home. so, don’t desperate, I promise it’s there.

It’s early in the season to taste a truffle, but it’s never a bad time to talk about them. Here is the program and please feel free to go and enjoy the area. There is a classic Balneario in Manzanera if you want to have a perfect plan for a weekend.

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These are 4 different varieties of truffles. Definitely the ones that are more valuable and appreciated. Anyone knew truffles were more than one thing??

In futures post I’ll try to explain the difference, but definitely all have different fragrance, different flavor and are grown in different times along the year !!!