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Why our #oil is sweeter and nicer than competition ??

Olive oil is a juice of olives. If you harvest them when they are not fully ripened the taste is rough and strong, which might suit some customers. But if you pick them fully ripened and you create a juice with them, you get a sweeter and smoother juice. Think of tomatoes, would you squeeze green tomatoes to have a nice oil taste or you’d prefer perfectly ripened ones?
General available oils come from Andalusia or Italy. In both of them they prefer strong tastes masquerading flavours. In Teruel, we don’t. We like tasting real flavours. Do you want to follow us?

The picture show an example of our raw materials. Enjoy them, share them, love them !!!

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Last week #truffles pictured. They weren’t excellent as they were the first in the season, but the cold weather is making them ripen nicely. This week just before Xmas the price tend to go up. No matter of the quality it’s a product used in a lot places and they need truffles !!! What I’d suggest you, is to buy the first week of January. The quality is better than now and the price certainly too.

Enjoy the truffles

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Here is an example of what some people think a truffle is. 

Sorry to disappoint you guys … this is just a piece of chocolate !!!

There is a strong difference between Truffles and chocolate:

  1. A piece of chocolate is something you taste but will have almost no aroma … let’s say, as an experience, you can get roughly 90% of the taste and 10% smell as soon as you get it to your mouth.
  2. A truffle is completely the opposite. When you try it, you should enjoy the fragrance as it can represent 85% of the experience and the taste of truffles will be more like a subtle nutty taste with the 15% remaining.

Is that clear guys !!!