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20 kg of #truffles sold this week. mainly Tuber #Uncinatum

Good mng dear followers ! ? here goes some pictures of what has been sold so far this week of Tuber Uncinatum. Customers tend to only think of Tuber Magnatum as “THE” truffle, and don’t get me wrong, it’s the king of truffles. But Uncinatum at this time is also delicious and full of fragance and much cheaper. £500/Kg

We have sold white truffles @ £4000/Kg this week.

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Big thank you from us

Hi all,
we are very thankful for your support and we’d like to increase our online community and friends.

Teruel Foods is going to give away three truffle shavers between the people who share and comment this picture between 1st Nov and 15th Nov 23:59 GMT.

How to win one of the three truffle shavers:
1) Become a fan of out Facebook page
2) share the pic among your friends
3) Write a comment about the picture (If you don’t show up, we can’t send you the prize)

4) Spread the Teruel Foods passion and love around between your friends and loved ones

Enjoy it !!!

Results will come up around noon on the 16th. Stay tuned !!!

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#truffle #dream again … Winter Truffle #season is giving us his last weeks. Here are the last ones from this week. #Round #franganced #beautiful … From #TeruelFoods with love. #Bianchetto will have to wait … They are not great this year, sadly

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Not the best looking #Melanosporum and not the biggest either. Winter #truffle season is starting to feel it won’t last long. #Bianchetto is out there already, but it’s not as good as we like, so we wait for the right ones … #Melanosporum sells for £750/Kg this week

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Another #truffle #dream today. We are not forgetting #TeruelFoods #EVOO … stay tuned !!! #Melanosporum is our best topic mow while season last. The fragance of the late harvested ones makes the produce a #delicacy to be remembered and #wished

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#Truffle season keeps going very well, with good quality and great amount of truffles too … Here goes a dish for all those asking for a simple truffle treat. Price hasn’t moved that much this year 2500GBP/KG, how many you want??